Michael Chandler

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Michael Chandler, PhD.

Michael Chandler is a nationally recognized planning expert.   Formerly a professor at Virginia Tech, he developed state and national award winning planning education programs, including the Virginia Certified Planning Commissioners' Program, the Virginia Certified Boards of Zoning Appeals Program, the Virginia Institute for Planning Commissioners, the Virginia Mayors' Institute and the Virginia County Board Chairmen's Institute.

He has worked in cities and counties across the country, addressing issues of land use, growth management, farmland preservation, community sustainability, economic development, and visioning.

Dr. Chandler is active in various state and national associations.

  • Past President of the Virginia Chapter of the American Planning Association.
  • Past President of the Virginia Citizen's Planning Association.
  • Past President of the Southwest Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration and
  • Past President of the Virginia Community Development Society.
  • Member, American Planning Association National Board of Directors, representing Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and the District of Columbia.

Professor Chandler also has served 18 years on the Blacksburg town council and the Blacksburg planning commission.

Selected Publications

  • "Plan Implementation: A Twenty-First Century Challenge." 2000 American Planning Association National Conference Proceedings. Chicago.
  • "Developing the Comprehensive Plan: A Ten-Step Model." Planning Commissioners Journal. (Summer, 2000). Burlington, VT.
  • "If Maryland Has Smart Growth, What Does Virginia Have?" Virginia Planning Magazine. 1998. Richmond.
  • “Zoning & Changing Lifestyles.” With Greg Dale.  Planning Commissioners Journal #44.  (Fall, 2001).  Burlington, VT.
  • “Zoning Basics.” With Greg Dale.  Planning Commissioners Journal #42.  (Spring, 2001).  Burlington, VT.
  • In addition, Dr. Chandler has written a regular column for the Planning Commissioners Journal since 1992.


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