Brian F. Kelly

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Tuesday, 06 December 2011 17:51

Brian F. Kelly, GIS Manager

Geographic information system (GIS) technology is revolutionizing growth management, allowing access to data and levels of analysis that inform better decision making.  Brian Kelly oversees production and management of the firm’s geographic information systems (GIS) services.

His role as a cartographer is to compile detailed and accurate basemaps, site maps, conceptual maps and attribute tables that precisely and clearly represent spatial situations and topological relationships using a combination of ArcCAD and ArcGIS® software.

Brian’s recent work has focused on the innovative creation and application of dynamic land use modeling to enhance the planning and regulatory process, including Land Suitability Analysis (LSA) models and Land and Environmental Site Assessment (LESA).  He has tailored models to respond to a variety of needs, including agricultural preservation, hazard mitigation and community resource protection.

Brian’s approach ensures that participants understand available data and use GIS mapping and data analysis to make better-informed policy decisions.  He develops planning graphics and multi-dimensional imagery and facilitates interactive technology- and data-driven components of public workshops for client communities across the country.

Certifications & Education

  • Kansas Association of Mappers
  • Missouri Mappers Association
  • GISColorado
  • Bachelor of Arts, Geography, University of Kansas
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